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わお〜〜〜〜wao〜〜〜〜OMG〜〜〜 これ、私がライブでひたすら打ち続けてる言葉ww 恐るべし激流チャット これやってるとふつ〜のチャットが超鈍く見えるので 動体視力アガリマスww  つか、まじこの胸やばいねこのはだけた胸!ちょっときれいすぎるまでに処理ができてると思わない?ねえねえねえww そしてストリームライブ やばいときはROMA字で よろ〜これ、ルール〜 そうする...

"The Day" has come.

  "The Day" has come.  I will not forget 11th May 2017. Because 7,000 dear subscribers have been come  to mytube channel. And I will also be uploading "countdown videos for Lee Min Ho" per a day from tomorrow, 12th May 2017.Please go ahead Minho. The most important things is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it's all that matters.-by Audrey Hepburn....